Nunca es tarde para cambiar el modo en el que vives.

Premios "De flor en flor" a la fotografía o dibujo y "Hablemos de Abejas" a cortometraje. Premiamos el trabajo en equipo y el talento individual para inspirar el cuidado de las abejas y los polinizadores

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El futuro o es sustentable o simplemente no será.
La tierra es sabia y sabe deshacerse de lo que no le sirve.

@BeekeepersHour @AshworthHoney @RayPaterson5 I’ve had some belters this year. Oh stronger antihistamines which has helped! Spot the hand that got stung


@AshworthHoney @BeekeepersHour @RayPaterson5 Got stung on my hand yesterday and it has only slightly swollen now that I am taking fexofenadine

@BeekeepersHour They look good don’t they ?? All my handy work 😂💪💪

@BeekeepersHour I would go back to keeping native bees, where I started. Plus, we have a lot of native stingless bee species here in Australia that are fascinating to care for.

#honeybee queen piping. Not sure if mature queen or virgin in cell... #beekeeping

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